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5 Languages you Should Learn if you Want to Become a World Citizen

By Aniket Singh (Apple Inc, IIT Madras, Author of “Intern Abroad This Summer”)

Learning a new language is not just about boosting your CV – psychologists have found out that the brains of people who speak two or more languages are wired differently from those who speak only one. It challenges your cognitive skills and your ability to understand and navigate through different cultural systems.

5With the world communicating with each other at a crazy rate these days, knowing only English as a second language is passé. To be a real world citizen you need to know at least a few of these five languages which are spoken by a huge majority of people in this world. Read on to find out what these languages are:

Mandarin: 1.1 billion people speak the primary language of China and that includes Mark Zuckerberg, former Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and former US president Barack Obama’s daughter, Malia Obama. With exports worth trillions of dollars happening every year and Chinese products sweeping over the global market, it is no wonder that Mandarin is among the most popular languages in the world – and one that you should most definitely learn. There are 330 official institutions around the world that teach Chinese as a second language and more students are enrolling in the institutes to learn about the language, the culture and China.

Spanish: The second most common language in the world, Spanish is spoken by 440 million people around the world, across 44 countries. While a majority of Spanish speakers live in Mexico and Latin America, outside of Spain, there are quite a few in the United States as well. In fact, over 60 million plus Hispanics are expected to live in the United States alone by 2020. Which is a major reason why more Americans are embracing and learning the language today than ever.

French: Historically considered as the ‘Language of Diplomacy’, French is the second most learned language in the world, after English. France is the only language, apart from English which is spoken in all the five continents. There are 75 million native French speakers while people from 29 countries speak the language.

German: The Germans are known for their industrial efficiency, but they are also known for their beer, cars, classical music and their language. Spoken by 90 million people around the world, German is the most spoken mother tongue in Europe. According to the Economist, learning German is also an economically viable option as it has proven to provide the highest annual wage bonuses – 3.8 percent. A large reason behind this is the fact that Germany is such a trade powerhouse. The logical language may sound all serious and stuff, but when you get down to actually learning it, it can be fun.

Arabic: It might be among the most difficult languages to learn, however the fact that Arabic is spoken by an entire region consisting of 22 countries, makes it a must learn. More than 205 million people from the region speak the language, which is the main language of the Muslim world. The Arab world is also home to some of the wealthiest countries in the world,  including the business hub of Dubai, and knowing the language would be a huge bonus while working/doing business there. In addition, the supply of Arabic language  

About the author:


Aniket Singh works for Apple Inc. in California, United States. He is also the author of “Intern Abroad This Summer”.

Aniket holds a BTech degree in Electrical Engineering from the IIT, Madras, Chennai, and a Master’s degree in Wireless Systems from Politecnico Di Torino in Torino, Italy. He has interned at the University of Southampton in the United Kingdom and Ecole Polytechnic Federale de Lausanne in Lausanne, Switzerland during this studies.

Visit him at Aniket Singh .

Check out his book at Intern Abroad This Summer


Bring The Online Business Further With Online Marketing Course

Joining an online marketing course is a major learner before becoming a professional online marketer, there are several online agencies that offer online courses for digital business one of them is digital marketing courses London. If you really have the intention to do business online, then you should follow digital marketing courses to get the ideas and theories that have been tested the truth. Having a skill in digital marketing is very useful to help online business owners as digital marketers or you want to start your own online business. Joining digital marketing courses is an investment for the future of your business. You can also sell your capabilities to companies that require digital marketers to promote their products.

When people enroll in digital marketing courses, they definitely want a profit. There are several key benefits that you get when choosing an online marketing course. Surely, you will have the skills in digital marketing, or if you already have the basic skills of digital marketing then your ability will experience a significant improvement.

There are several things to note in order for the digital marketing course to have an effective impact. Adapt to your career needs, choosing a digital marketing course will be useful when the materials provided in the digital business marketing class can help your career growth. In addition, you need to consider online digital courses that can improve your skills in online marketing before, at least you gain knowledge and new skills after graduating from the course. Online marketing courses that really help you to take business to the next level are the main objectives of the course program, the success indicator of following the digital marketing course is to have a significant impact on your business, you can look at the number of customers, the number of products sold, and of course profit increases.

The online business world is very challenging. You will definitely face tough competition out there as an online business owner. If you follow the class of digital marketing, you will easily get online marketing ideas, marketing strategies and other knowledge into the secret. Marketers to become easier to start a marketing program with new ideas. The most important thing is, digital marketing programs can sharpen marketing skills. Everyone can become a professional marketer if they follow the digital marketing courses in London. In digital marketing courses London students are not only given material on marketing strategies, but more than that, such as unique SEO information and advanced SEO practice, online marketing with Google and search engines, and all trainers deliver information very clearly and answer all questions.

Without a digital marketing course, you may take years to learn a lot of literature on online marketing strategies and optimization of SEO and link-building. An online course for digital business can help you find new ways to take your business to the next level. If you are interested in improving your online marketing skills, please visit for important courses related to digital marketing such as Google analytics course, SEO course, content writing course, social media course, etc.

Easy Tricks for Increasing Facebook Page Likes

Facebook is not only a medium of introduction, but also as a business promotion platform. Facebook is really a great platform to promote businesses, brands and connections with customers. All businesspeople harness the power of Facebook for business, if you just update your Facebook wall you cannot get people to come to your page and respond to it, it is useless. Plan your business on Facebook with certainty to improve Facebook Page Likes so you will get the desired results. Update your Facebook page with optimism, that your product will be sold.

What can be done to get more likes on Facebook? You have to work to get the likes on your Facebook page. Posting on your Facebook page does not guarantee that everyone will love your page. There are several things you need to do. Here are some easy tricks that improve Facebook Page Likes on your Facebook page:

Create a personal website, use the blog section and maintain it with regular updates, such as content. Use the Facebook and share buttons, so your site visitors can easily share those posts after reading. Create content that suits your business and install your Facebook link on content.

Write good, relevant, unique, interesting, and easy-to-understand content to the Facebook wall. Add videos as well, you can download relevant videos on YouTube and upload them on your Facebook homepage. Unique images and useful videos will definitely attract everyone to give their thumbs up. So, take advantage of relevant and eye-catching images as a regular part of your content strategy.

Consider the right time to promote or post important things on the Facebook wall. Do not post when a large number of your target audience is asleep. Schedule all posts for several days at the same time or try experimenting with posting frequencies. After that, it will be easy for you to check via Facebook Insights whether the level of engagement on your page increases or decreases. A little research on post time will give you the basics of doing business promotion or status updates on your Facebook account.

Promote your Facebook page on your other social media accounts, such as Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Email, Google plus, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Yahoo Flickr, Social “Chat” Apps, etc. Leave comments as your Facebook page; share your thoughts in response to other people’s posts, so they will also comment on your post.

There are still many ways you can do to improve Facebook Page Likes, You can find some additional references on the internet, and you can click on I hope some of the basic tips above can help you go a long way in promoting your page on Facebook thereby increasing many thumbs on your posts.

Big Data Made Easy With Hadoop Tutorials

Technology has made easy for humans in many ways. Many of the changes that have occurred follow the development of trends in the world, especially in the field of technology, something we never imagined now can be real and common. New technology has been created every day around the world but many technologies do not last long because it can not function optimally to meet human needs. One technology that is still needed by humans is the hadoop, Hadoop is the most advanced technology today many changes that occur but the hadoop persisted. What exactly hadoop? Hadoop is a technology created related to industry of databases.

Currently the database industry has grown rapidly and is needed by large companies engaged in data management. Hadoop Tutorials may be able to help employees of data-driven companies perform data processing at home. Companies that used to be small now become big companies will have more difficulty managing their data that getting bigger so the company have to cooperate with other company which specially handle database, by using Hadoop Tutorial you do not need to contract that company.

Hadoop’s advantages are easy to use so it does not require any special training or programming skills. Everyone can access Hadoop by online. Large data can be processed easily as we use simpler tools such as mobile phones or calculators. You just need to take the time to study Hadoop Tutorial seriously, trying to understand the steps provided. The data processing solution using Hadoop is the most realistic and effective way today. You will not lose if using Hadoop to manage big database because the technology offered can help you to solve many problems that arise in the context of huge data flows. Hadoop technology facilitate the flow of controlled data along with the best technique for storing large amount of data that is being used in our daily life or in your company.

Another interesting feature provided by Hadoop is its ability to facilitate the massive processing of data from a collection of computers. Hadoop also has the ability to perform multiple tasks simultaneously and effectively. Another best feature that Hadoop has is that the resulting analysis and processing data is very small even near perfect.

Many large companies have anticipated the data difficulties they will face. They facilitate companies with internet connection with individual Youtube channels to learn Hadoop Tutorial.

If you are not able to learn Hadoop tutorial yourself, maybe because of busyness or ability to understand then the solution is to follow Hadoop training. In the training you will be given several different modules. Hadoop training and courses can also be followed online, you will get a thorough theory. In order to easily learn Hadoop modules, then you should be used to facing huge data, have knowledge about HDFS and MapReduce Framework and having an ability of do analytics data.

My advice, look for easy Hadoop Tutorials to understand and prioritize teaching theory and practice. This is required for to do to better understand the use and construction of Custom Map and Reduce functions in various programming languages.

Effective Ways for Choosing Right PDF Converter

Many people who change files from PDF to word manually, that is by typing all sentences one by one in the form of PDF into the word. If you are really going to do it then wait, I will give you a little explanation, after that you may decide to do it manually or agree with my opinion. Take your time reading this article I made. Take a little snack and a cup of coffee as your loyal friend. In essence, i want to convey to you who still do manually change PDF file to word that technology can do everything for us, so let technology do it for the convenience of our life.

On the internet a lot offered various best Mac PDF converter or for your laptop and desktop computer. Please you choose it One of which is But it’s good you read some tips that I will give.

According to PDF there are hundreds of millions of documents that have been converted into words on the website so far. PDF is a very good file type for reading enabled but when users edit the file most will have trouble. They are mostly confused there is no way out, in their minds arise the question “what should I do, when the cursor on the letters in the sentence to be edited, it can not delete?”. One of the best PDF editing solutions is to convert the file into word, this way is the easiest way that is widely used all over the world.

Now the problem is, you have to choose the most appropriate converter for your Mac or laptop. Before you make a choice there are a few things you should consider. Remember, that the best converter for Mac or someone else’s laptop is not necessarily suitable for your Mac or laptop because it is used for different jobs and according to conditions.

  • Price determines the quality of the converter tool. My advice, choose a PDF converter tool that provides full function integration. While some other brands that prioritize conversion costs typically have much less formats. You can also get a free tools friend, please download at official website. If you want Conversion Quality then you must be good at choosing PDF converter that gives full functionality such as PDF to Word, PDF to Excel, PDF to PowerPoint, PDF to Images, PDF to Text / Rtf and PDF to HTML.
  • Adjust to the needs of your work. If you need to convert PDF to various files then choose one that gives full integration function but if you only need to convert one PDF file to Word you can use online Converter. There are many online converters on the internet, do not worry, just ready a strong enough internet connection to support the process of converting your data.
  • Easy to use. I’m sure everyone wants the ease in completing the work, if the converter tool you use is not qualified will definitely be very disturbing work. Look for a friendly converter tool that can be used only with a few clicks. If you want the convenience of working with a friendly converter please visit
  • Choose a stable and reliable PDF to Word online converter tool. I suggest if you want it then you can use desktop converter. But usually requires an email address so it takes a long time to receive a converted Word file.
  • Choose a converter that has a perfect output. Good results are everyone’s wishes. You may have experienced convert PDF to Word overlap, its location is not perfect, all data is not accurate, so you are not satisfied and disappointed. If you want perfect results you can buy the latest version of converter from a reputable company like the sweet Bits.

If you are a novelist, office worker, or whatever it is related to the world of writing and administration do not worry if your boss has to rewrite the PDF file does not need to hire someone else to solve your problem. Do it yourself with perfect results. Now you know what to do? Do it manually or let technology work for you.