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Hire Freelancer vs Full-Time Employee

We all know a little about the life of an average employee. Full-time employees usually work for 8 or 9 hours and have a lunch break or two in between. They have a stable salary and some of them even have the option to grow inside the business and achieve a better position in the company. A regular employee   gets to meet all of their work-partners and it can really be a great experience when the environment is healthy and full of kind people. Most employees get   to keep their jobs for a long period of time, and they usually get about a month to rest per year.

One of the disadvantages of being a full-time employee would be that they work way too many hours and don’t get any time to do their normal and    casual lives. Another disadvantage would be that even though their salary is stable and it grows as time passes by, they are never going to be able to earn as much as they want to because they have a boss that controls everything they earn.


On the other side, the number of freelancers is growing every day. There are just too many right now, in fact, freelancers represent about 33% of the working force inside of the United States of America, and it represents the 16% percent of the working force in Europe. So those are REALLY big numbers. It seems like people are choosing to hire freelancers much more than full-time employees. Why? Freelancers, as the name suggests, are free people. They can work online as many hours as they want because they get to choose their own projects. Freelancers get to work with clients one on one.

This is amazing because they can establish the quotes without any kind of problem. So thinking of hiring freelancer work from home in the Uk then visit globsucceed the best free classifieds ads website

1.  The price of hiring somebody

Hiring a freelancer does not cost you anything at first. You just have to establish a quote with the freelancer and once the work is done, you forget about them and move to another project, so you’re not hiring them long-term. Full-time employees have to be legally hired, that means that the employer   has to make a lot of legal paperwork, that takes a lot of time and effort.

Depending on the exact job of the employee the employer is going to have to pay a couple of hundred dollars to the estate for each employee! On the other hand, you hire a freelancer usually for one task, and the employee is always going to be there for you, the result is really worth the price.

2.   Training

 You don’t actually have to train a freelancer.

You usually look for people that already know how to do the job and that are experts in that field. In case someone is not able to find a freelancer that already knows how to do the job, then you establish a quote for the training period and just continue to work along as if nothing had ever happened. But this changes completely when it comes to training full-time employees.

The Society for Human Resources Management states that it costs about 135,000 dollars to hire and train a new employee, and this is only the price for the first six months, imagine how much money they should invest after that.

In both ways, finding a full-time employee vs a freelancer is very difficult in both situations.

You never know who you are going to hire, you don’t know if that person is going to get the job done correctly or not. You always have to be careful with that. In case you find it difficult to find somebody you can always access a recruiting agency. Training an employee is the costliest things that a company can make, that’s why freelancers are going to save you on this one.

3.   Taxes

If you’re hiring a full-time employee you have to give more or less 20% of the employee’s salary to the estate, that’s a lot. In case you want to hire a freelancer you don’t have to worry about that at all.


4.   The office

In order to hire a full-time employee you’re going to need to rent out an office or even a building in case you have a large company. You’ll have to get all the equipment, things like chairs, a TV, a room full of computers, etc. The expenses are really huge. In case you’re hiring a freelancer, you’re not going to need any of that.

5.   Your time

We’ve already talked about the pricing and cost of finding, hiring and training a full-time employee, but what about the time we waste? When you hire an employee, you have to be there physically in order to check that everything’s correct and that they are working and doing their jobs correctly instead of wasting their time.

In the case of the freelancers, they are not getting paid unless they finish the task, so it’s only logic to assume that freelancers are going to try to do their best while not wasting that much time on the task. You won’t have to check on freelancers because they are doing it online, so of course, you can send them a message and see how they’re doing, and that is only going to take you like five minutes.


6.   Conclusion

Maybe hiring a freelancer is much cheaper, but full-time employees represent a huge percentage of our actual society. There are always going to be freelancers as well as full-time employees and that is completely fine!

You should look at the positive aspects of hiring a full-time employee; they are always going to be loyal and be there for you, and that is something you   cannot buy with money. What did you think? Were you surprised to learn how much it really costs to hire a full-time employee vs. Hiring a freelancer?


Positive Humour in the Classroom – An Article by Dr Elmi Zulkarnain Osman

Positive Humour in the Classroom – An Article by Dr Elmi Zulkarnain Osman


I would like to take a moment to write about an often-ignored subject matter in teaching. Likely, it is unlikely to be covered in professional development or faculty meetings or university coursework, but I believe it is, nonetheless, a vital, living, breathing component of the classroom, which can transform learning and uplift students and teachers.

Humour. It is present in some classrooms, dreadfully absent in others. It comes natural to some teachers, difficult for many others.

Believe it or not, humour in the classroom has been researched considerably. While the results of humour on student learning is mixed, scholars do point out that there are benefits. However, like any tool, humour can be misconstrued, misused, abused. Therefore, I plan to cover the positive usage of humour with students. Here are 3 reasons to consider “levelling up” the humour level in your classroom:

Reason 1: Easing the Tension

Humour can ease the tension associated with engaging in lessons around issues of racism, politics, and other touchy subjects. Humour can provide a needed break from serious, intense material and discussion. Humour can bring positive feelings to the classroom. When I was a teacher from 2004 to 2013, I would do almost anything to get the class rolling with laughter with voice inflections, exaggerated facial expressions and movements, hilarious personal stories, ridiculous examples; and I encourage my students to do the same.

Reason 2: Bring Content to Life

Humour can help students remember material they learn. Research backs up the idea that humour positively affects levels of interest and attention. Thus, increasing engagement through humour might make the lesson more impactful. Teachers bring lessons to life through parody, games, and comical voices. I used puns, anecdotes, or whatever humorous things I can think of to make lessons more fun, more relevant, and more effective. My students and I laughed every day and it makes being in a school a little more fun.

Reason 3: Placing Yourself as the Teacher in a Positive Life

If we’re honest, teaching is a selling game. If students view you favourably and they are “sold on you,” then they are willing to work harder, listen, and be more cooperative in class. Humour portrays you in a favourable light. In fact, for the professors I know at the National Institue of Education, the use of humour has translated to more positive evaluations by students. However, what’s important to note is that these benefits come from the use of “positive” humour.


Teachers should use humour that comfortably fits who they are and what they teach. Never try to force it and be something you are not. It might help to remember that while I highly recommend humour in teaching, it’s not a necessary component for learning although, I personally believe it helps.

The teachers and professors who have had the greatest impact on me have certainly been those that used humour at least to some extent. They laughed at themselves, at the content, with the students. They loved teaching and learning but they didn’t take themselves too seriously. As a result, the students didn’t either.

Dr Elmi Zulkarnain Osman is an award-winning educator from Singapore, an inspiring motivational speaker, a successful corporate trainer and highly sought-after Malay language coach. He graduated from Trident University International with a PhD in Educational Leadership. Dr Elmi Zulkarnain is the founder and CEO of Elemantra Consultancy (Singapore).


Pass The Test With Assistance From IELTS Coaching Center In Ludhiana

Are you planning to sit for the IELTS exam sometime soon? If you have plans for passing this exam with a high score, then you should not wait any further. You should attend some professional classes and get some guidance to obtain a good score. This English Language proficiency test is conducted at regular intervals, and the objective is to assess the ability of an applicant to speak, read and write in English.


Why taking this test is necessary

The full form of IELTS is International English Language Testing System. This exam is recognized all across the globe as a test of English skills. In this examination, an assessment of your English skills is done. The test is designed in such a way so as to reflect how you will be utilizing English in the fields of work, study, and play. You will also be evaluated on a one-on-one basis. This type of testing will be helpful for assessment of your communication skills. Choose IELTS coaching center in Ludhiana for they have outstanding faculty members. A vast majority of the people are aware that a good score in this exam will prove that you have the ability to secure a berth in a leading university. You must be aware of the fact that this score is used by regulatory and other professional concerns for immigration and professional purposes. So obtaining the right score is vital for numerous people for many reasons.

•    Objective assessment

Your friends may have often commented that your English skills are incredible. You may even have performed well in the quizzes held in your school. However, you are not aware of your level.  You may be curious to find out your level of competence. This is a good way of getting evaluated against rigorous international standards.

•    Recognized certificate

Once you take the test, you will be entitled to a test report which is recognized by leading institutions all across the world. Such institutions may include companies, organizations, governmental bodies and professional agencies.

•    Improvement of English Language skills

Taking the test will help you to improve your English Language skills – listening, reading, speaking and writing. If you want to score then, you have to study and practice all these aspects carefully.

•    Become more familiar

Taking the test will help you to become familiar with the type of language needed at the undergraduate or postgraduate level in English.

•    Motivated to study well

Most of the students do not study seriously if they do not have well laid out plans. If you have clearly laid out aims and objectives, then you will be motivated to study diligently so that your skills are improved to a significant extent.

Selecting a coaching center

The scores obtained in the review are of utmost significance to the examinees, and so they are quite conscious about the entire matter. The scores serve as indicators whether the knowledge you have is sufficient so that you can achieve the target scores. Getting a high score in the examination will open the doors to many options. You should choose a coaching center carefully. Keep the fee structure in mind. IELTS institute in Ludhiana offers attractive discounts to the students. While selecting a center do not compromise on the quality of teaching.






Activity Box For Kids Make Parents Proud

Activity Box For Kids is a magical subscription box containing monthly educational toys for 3-12 year olds. The ultimate goal created by this toy is to make every moment of the kids with quality time. All parents are required to have this toy to stimulate their children’s cognitive development, this toy is easy to get. Every child’s cognitive development is at the tip of a parent’s finger; Make sure you subscribe to the monthly Activity Box For Kids so you have a strong foundation in math, literacy, and other science.

Create a child’s play time with the Help of the magic box. The projects that are in each box will build confidence and make them experts in all disciplines and academically successful in school. All activities in Activity Box For Kids have been created by certified early childhood teachers, health experts, and psychologists.

Activity Box For Kids is also useful for closer children with parents. This toy gives parents the opportunity to get together with children to complete projects.

If you are interested in sitting with your child every month, having fun, creating quality time and learning something new without spending hours exploring the web for ideas, then Activity Box For Kids is probably the right way. The model is simple: Everything you need for a lot of learning activities is placed in a box and delivered to you every month. However, please note that not all toys are produced equal in quality; the best Activity Box For Kids can only be found at

Activity Box For Kids is different from other monthly subscription boxes. This magic box has a variety of projects, one of which is “Little Passport” The box itself is even unique because it is a suitcase. The miniature suitcase serves to store all the stuff he finds when the kids travel virtually around the world. In addition, the project teaches children about different geographies, cultures and languages around the world. This monthly exploration tool allows children to see social lessons without losing the concept of playing and learning.

Learning something new with this educational subscription box is a very smart decision for parents. There is nothing better than a pleasant monthly delivery and learning all the knowledge of science in a practical box.

If you surf the internet, you will find a variety of toys suitable for your child’s education, but finding what suits your cognitive development needs is difficult. That’s why you need to collect a list of educational boxes that are fun for kids, so you do not need the stress.

If your kids love to spend time reading, then you can order a magic box that provides a variety of interesting reading books. I’m sure, professional companies like Merry Spell have millions of children’s bookstore collections that will be perfect material. Your kids will be entertained for hours, and you’ll be glad to know that they are not sitting in front of the TV or spending time playing games on Gadgets throughout the day.

Educate children can come in different shapes and ways, why not do it by subscribing to the magic box on Activity Box For Kids. The principle of personalized learning allows parents to choose material that fits the needs of the child, or if there are some toys that do not interest the child, parents can replace them on delivering the next month. This is what makes parents feel proud of the concept of this toy.



This Is Why You Should Not Seek Dissertation Help In UK

I have read of many posts advising students to pick on writing services because of reasons that io can’t see valid. These writing services are in the rise and have turned out to be investments companies that have realized they can harvest a bounty out from the students who are always ready to seek advice only to be given fake information in pretense that is someone’s original work.

What students do not know and costs them is how these investment companies get to steal from them and the dangers it is exposing them in pretense of offering dissertation help in UK. In my view, I have developed verifiable reasons informing students the reasons as to why they should not be involved with this scam.

You May Use a Lot Of Money

Just like how business enterprises do, they will hardly tell you of the disadvantages of consuming a certain product. They will patiently leave you to realize that after repeated and long term use of the said commodity. Such are the writing services claiming to offer help, until they are done fetching from your pockets, they will never tell you reasons as to why you should fully not rely on them. At times, they will quote high prices because they know you are willing to give and claim that high prices come with quality service help.

It Consumes a Lot Of Time

The time you spend finding this writing services is too much. It would have been much easier for you to write up your own information rather than hiring a service to do it for you. No company can be so trusted in delivering clients dissertation on specific times and hence will always leave you at the peril of your professors. They always spend too much time despite knowing that you are a student and you are required to submit your dissertations at specific times, thus before the deadline.

In spending too much time, they claim that they are conducting research or they are sampling and documenting the data into your dissertation, which in moist cases is not the truth.

High Likelihood Of Plagiarism

Another risk involving dissertation help in UK is how they source their information. As a student you should understand that you are not the only one receiving help from these organizations or companies and that there are some who had been clients before. Hence, you should be ready to face any work that is submitted to you and be sure that it is not original and that someone owns it somewhere.

Less Evidence Of Research

In case you are lucky and original work is handed to you, you may still be disappointed because the level of information in your dissertation is too shallow and can be compared as to not doing any dissertation at all.


Expect When Buying Proof Reading Services

Using proof reading service is a good decision to get your written document completely perfect. You may receive the service from the internet by clicking on or from people who work for it. What can you expect from hiring someone or using proof reading service on the internet? There are many things you can get.

You will have a very good knowledge of grammar, spelling, and formatting. You can gain knowledge from looking at any grammatical errors, misspelled words, and inappropriate and irrelevant written document formats. You must open your mind and accept mistakes from the paper, then please replace the words or sentences that are not appropriate.

You will get immediate results. If you hire people to do proof reading then they can submit the documents at the time you need. Turnaround time is usually 10 working days or earlier depending on urgency. The price usually depends on the number of words and the complexity of the job. However, for proof reading services online you just need to login and copy the content and paste it into a text field. Proof reading service offers help with certain parts of the document. This service also helps some translator companies to create contents correctly.  

Although proof reading service online can accomplish jobs quickly, you need plenty of time to make sure your documents are properly processed. Research manually the grammatical truth to check for document perfection. Some proof reading services not only offer grammar repair services but also the opportunity to make you a better writer. Some of the services provided include scholarly articles, journals, university applications, essays, theses, reports, dissertations, website content, product prescriptions, newsletters, legal documents, reports, sales and marketing materials, re-write service, and many others.

Readers usually see the simplicity, simplicity, originality, value and uniqueness of your presentation on proposals, dissertations, websites, services or products, marketing presentations, college papers, and even curriculum vitae. The main task of proof reading is to review the contents of the content to fit the tastes of the reader. Thus, you get more passionate visitors or readers visiting your website, purchasing your products and services, attending your presentation, listening and considering your proposal and even offering a job. Choose the best proof reading service to long-term business relationships, you will get the best quality for the money you spend to improve the quality of your documents.

So, if your goal is to attract many readers through the quality of the document, then choose can give you valuable advantages and increase your credibility.

Online Private Tutoring

Learning with a personal tutor online is a new thing. The concept of learning offered by co-learning services providers is very popular today. This method is regarded as an effective and flexible method to improve a person’s grade in his class. Although there are many advantages but not everyone is capable of running such tutoring, only those with an understanding of the internet and computers can run this program. Before I discuss the benefits of using online learning compared to using traditional textbooks, I will explain how this learning process applies:.

  • Infinite : They utilize advanced technology to facilitate online learning. Learning sessions are made through Skype and through our exclusive online portal. Tutors are able to provide instantaneous feedback without latency, allowing for better learning.
  • Ridiculously Comfortable : Attend your lessons anytime, anywhere, as you see fit. The material is available through the learning portal that has been provided. That means less time wasted on unnecessary travel and more time working on the essence for your essay.
  • Worth Selected : You can choose the tutor according to your needs and desires. Choose a selection of respected tutors: students who attend some of the world’s best universities such as Oxford, Cambridge, UCL and LSE, and graduates working in global industry.

Technology bridges online learning systems as real. Students are divided into space and time, they will benefit and all the benefits face to face with the network environment. But all parents do not understand this. Students can determine the tutor and meeting time. If you are interested in improving your skills in certain knowledge you must try this method, the methods implemented by general paper tuition provide various educational services by the Master of General Paper with an Oxford University Graduate. Do not hesitate to choose a private tutor as your study companion.

Online private learning methods have many advantages, such as:

  • Easy and Convenient : Convenience and convenience are the two things most people want in various fields. Such ease as desired in learning. Students who choose gp tuition as a private tutor will enjoy the convenience and ease of the tutoring process. They have the right to choose tutors and class schedules. For a further level you may choose a private tutor who has ability to assist you in working on paper or final assignment.
  • Privacy: The tutoring process separated by distance and time gives its own advantages. Between tutors and students must be kept secrecy. If the student does not want to know the lack of understanding of the material then he can ask for additional hours in the special study room.
  • Affordable Price: Compare with personal tutors who come to the house. they charge more than 100% per hour. Using your private online tutor method only costs $ 80 per hour. Not only will you save money as a result, but you can get the help you need for a longer period of time, increasing your chances of succeeding in your exams.
  • Professional Tutor: The gp tuition company that works online to teach is very much attention to the quality of learning. A complete background check was done before they were recruited to teach. The tutors are selected from the world’s best universities such as Oxford, Cambridge, UCL and LSE, and graduates working in global industry. If we look at the advantages then it makes sense to get online tutoring.

By looking at the outstanding tutor’s quality, you have to turn conventional thinking into modern and technology-based one. This learning method is very effective and affordable. Not only those who have problems learning in the classroom, professionals who want to improve their skills in a particular field can join here.

Have Online Education For A Brighter Future

Today people realized how advantageous is online education in their field of career. Several degrees on someone’s name is really an advantage. Since we are now living in the world of high technologies and people are too busy in their lives, majority prefer not to spend years to earn higher education. Instead people want to achieve degrees in a fast way and that is through online education. All they have to do is to have a set of computers and Internet service where they could go online to have classes wherever and whenever they want. Because of this, many universities and colleges began to offer online degree programs to cater the needs of people with hectic schedules.

Online education or distance learning is now widely accepted and is the choice of many professionals. The method of teaching here has become virtual. The course content and materials are distributed by post which can be finished anywhere you want. That is why this mode of education is best suited for people who can finish their course at their own pace without quitting their job in attending online classes.

Online education has gained popularity all over the world. It is now the best way to gain new information and enhance one’s skills for academic qualifications. You do not need to loose your job for you to have time in learning. It enhances your academic standing. Most of the employers today appreciates employees who are participating in online education for a higher education. If you work hard and works professionally, promotions and salary increases can be achieved. This mode of education is very flexible. You can pursue a degree in any location as long as you have access to Internet. Most of online degree courses allows you to plan your learning schedule so that it will not have conflicts with your working hours.

But before you consider taking a degree course online, there are some factors you have to take into considerations in order to ensure that you will achieve quality education which have value to the field of your career. You have to know the advantages and disadvantages of earning an online degree. Consider the pricing that the online school offers. Choose only the prestige university or college for online classes. If you have the right guidelines before pursuing an online education, you will surely earn the online degree that will bring you to a brighter future.

Things to Watch Out Before Law School

Law is one of the career choices to get the highest pay and be highly respected. Many high school graduates want to continue their education in law or at least take the choice of law school course. Law school course is not as easy as you imagine but if you can graduate in this law program you will easily get a profession as a professional paralegal. The pay is in proportion to the difficulty of taking legal education. The costs required to run the legal path is also very expensive so make sure you have the cost and ability that qualified, Or at least you have a private law school tutor before you lose a lot of money and time.

The most important thing is, you know if you really want a career in law. Many students want to be themselves in search of a career, not because of high pay or want to be respected. Many people mistakenly choose a major in education so that their science is not used in the workplace. But now many people are willing to spend very much for the sake of education, take the legal exam to pass.

Before you begin your studies of law, you need a degree in other fields such as psychology, engineering, accounting, trade etc. Such educational regulation should not be applied to legal education. But the rules of each university vary, please you choose appropriate with your condition. But if you are a very busy person and very interested in having a career in law, you should take the online course that is online law courses. You can get legal education materials by online, whether you need supplemental material for your law school course, a refresher for the bar exam, or just want to know more about the law, online law courses provide concise information that is designed to help you learn the law better.

Moreover, before you submit your application to a law tutor, you must write the standardized test known as LSAT (Law School Admission Test). This test assesses your skills and knowledge to ensure that you are capable of studying law and taking it as a profession. However, you do not need to possess any knowledge about law to be able to appear for LSAT. You will only be tested on comprehension, analytical and logical reasoning. You will also be required to write a brief essay in one part of the test.

There are some requirements if you want to take legal school courses, whether online or not. Universities consider the achievements you can ever get, academic grades, extracurricular certificates, marks etc. Each has its own judgment. This means, academic and non-academic achievements are highly considered.

Learning a law school course is generally based on a case. This means that students who are taking legal education should understand the real-life case situation they face, not just from literature and educational books. Students are faced with how judges make decisions, understand cases, and determine difficult choices in determining who is at fault.

Cell Phones in Public Schools?

Inevitably, that technological advances can affect school rules. One of them is the permission to use cell phone in school. Without historical precedent to determine a course or action, the only recourse is to weigh the pros and cons against each other and logically determine a reasonable conclusion.

A damning consideration against cell phone use in schools is the fact that, with smart phones, students can cheat during tests. It’s not hard to access Wikipedia or text message someone in the class for assistance. However, there is really nothing new here, even if the medium is different. It’s not really harder to glance at a screen than it is a well prepared cheat note. Besides, it’s easy for teachers to collect cell phones on test days, and vigilantly keeping guard against cheating is something teachers have to do anyway.

The strongest and most obvious case against cell phone possession in class is their distracting nature. Even if the ringer is turned off (something students frequently forget to do), text messaging is so ubiquitous and subtle that it’s hard for teachers to control. But teachers have contended against inventive distractions for decades, and even if smart phones are more advanced than passing notes it isn’t fundamentally very different. From the students perspective, they’re motivated by the same urge.

On the positive side, every school has a lockdown procedure in the event of an emergency. While it’s true that varying messages can cause confusion and worry amongst parents and outsiders concern for students, the ability to contact police immediately outweighs this concern. In the tragic event of a school shooting, warnings can be sent from classroom to classroom and a line can be established warning police. Yes, it’s possible for students to give false alarms and mischievously cause delay in the classrooms, but the real possibility of saving lives must be given more prominence than the disadvantages of student nuisance (something they don’t need cell phones to cause anyway).

Cell phones have provided many advantages over the decades to date in wide range, covering all aspects of life. For years, schools were looking for ways to fund computers in the classroom and people protested the gap between the public and private schools’ ability to do this. Even in inner city schools, it’s not uncommon to have a student in each classroom with the ability to use the internet as a resource on behalf of the class. Even where this isn’t the case, smart phones are going to get cheaper and cheaper.

Cell phones help you remember the past, you will save your history in cell phone. Cell phone lets you solve your problems related to the past. But the positive aspects they can deliver are new and groundbreaking. It would be a shame to allow fear and reservation to prevent us from enjoying such obvious benefits. We need visionaries uninhibited by reactionary attachments to tradition to guide policy concerning the implementation of technical advances in the classroom.


Popularity Of Online Education

Education is a lifelong process of humanity. Will never end until whenever. The more knowledge and insight so the more human beings grow intellectually. But the job and family responsibilities can reduce the advent of a person’s education. It is often seen that once a person gets into a particular job and field, he becomes quite complacent about his situation, not realizing that his current skills and qualifications are only going to help him reach a particular level and not beyond. In order to rise in his chosen field and industry, he must continuously supplement his skills with fresh education. The advent of internet technology has done wonders for the education industry. It has helped erase time limitations and position boundaries, and made quality education available for all at the simple click of a button.

More and more educational facilities are built in the world such as universities and schools because of the contribution of education online. A sea of options is available nowadays for professionals who wish to pursue further education but do not want to jeopardize their corporate life by leaving their job. The potency of online education is such that one can work on improving his skills, and at the same time retain the faculty of earning through a job. What’s more is that online education presents an opportunity to an individual to apply his learning in his job in real time. As an executive student, workplace becomes a laboratory where you put to test your newly acquired skills and education. This not only enriches your learning experience, but also positively impacts your on-job performance.

Using an educational degree in a job is a very heartening experience, and some even have a very valuable experience in life. Executive programs offered online education provide a very strong base to be applied in the world of work after graduation later. Apart from this, it also enables a strategic perspective towards problem solving and also towards handling of different situations that arise in the workplace. Adding to your qualification also adds to your confidence and leadership qualities, thus preparing you to take on greater responsibilities.

Every college makes up all its faculties to do its work professionally in training individuals online. This is very helpful for education seekers as a condition to continue the career and improve the quality of human resources for the company. Online courses are generally attended by professionals from different types of professions. This presents an opportunity for individuals in the form of learning from their peers. The participants in different online study groups are already into a good position at work, and possess apposite knowledge to guide their group mates with insights into their industry and way of working An online educational platform enables professionals to discuss various ways of working and implementing more collaborative, creative, and practical ways of doing work.


Unusual Scholarships

What is your opinion on scholarship?
Well now, what’s on your mind when thinking of the word “unusual scholarship”?
If you have the same thoughts as me when thinking about scholarship, then you can imagine a student who is very intelligent, has a perfect GPA, or may be physically intelligent. Academic and non academic scholarships are what we think in general when hearing the word “scholarship”But

what about unusual scholarships?

Is there something that comes with suddenly in your mind? Most people may never hear the Shopie Major Memorial duck Calling contest giving $ 1500 for high school students who are good at calling ducks. In fact there are hundreds of unusual scholarships. If you are looking for information on the internet you might assume that the scholarship is strange and what’s in it for the scholarship provider.

Okay, so what? Why should you care?

Well, there are many types of scholarships out there that are easy to come by, right? There is even a scholarship that may not be called a scholarship so not many people sign up and no one is interested at all. Precisely it becomes your chance to get a scholarship. This can be a big mistake when you consider that anyone of these scholarships can pay you anywhere from $1,500 to $15,000, or more, for college. If you’re really smart you don’t just find one of these, you find and apply to as many as you possibly can. The more you apply to, the better your chances of getting some.

So far this all sounds pretty good I imagine. I mean, who wouldn’t want easy money to help pay for college?
Well, here’s the tough part. Where do you find these scholarships? It’s interesting, I was reading on the federal financial aid website about scholarships and grants and right there they recommend that if you want to get scholarships for college that you should apply for as many as you can, it just makes sense, the more you apply to, the better your chances of winning some.
Back to the discussion of looking for a free scholarship, you will find many unique scholarships if you look online. This is the approach I took a few years ago when I decided to go back to school to finish my degree. Fortunately I found some really great websites that had done all the boring research for me and had compiled lists and lists of these scholarships. Then it was pretty easy, I just went through the lists and found the ones that I felt I would be able to get.

Now, once you get to this part, don’t sell yourself short. Create a list of potential scholarships that you would like to apply for, but don’t eliminate scholarships from your list too quickly just because you aren’t sure if you would get it. Remember, you want to apply for as many as you can, even if you’re not sure you would win one. You never know.

Unconventional scholarship is one of the ways to earn money for college tuition. Although this is a unique way, but I still recommend it to be a strategy of earning money for school for free. We are also seeing more and more of these wacky type of scholarships popping up. President Obama has publicly encourages American’s to go back to college and further their education. With this national level of attention to our education, many federal, state, private and religious organizations are stepping up to the plate and offering real solutions to help pay for college.