Easy to Download YouTube Playlist

YouTube is a social media that contains a collection of videos from around the world. Everyone must have known YouTube; you can use YouTube to earn money or popularity. You can enjoy all the video playlists there in various ways, one of them by using a video downloader.

Well, now it’s time to discuss about How to download YouTube playlist. As we know YouTube is the largest and most popular video sharing website in the world. YouTube provides many features that can simplify the user, but there are some features that are not provided such as downloading all playlists on one channel and convert it to MP3.

This may be very troublesome if you want to download all YouTube play list in a channel. Just imagine if there are 100 more videos, to download it one by one and then convert it into MP3 manually would take a long time. But just calm down I will give simple tips and tricks for the problem. Please read this article to complete:  

In this article I will use the YouTube to Mp3 Converter app, previously I will explain, why use the application, because the video capacity can be reduced so that storage space on your PC, laptop, and Smartphone can be more leverage.

1. Download and install – First download and install first YouTube to MP3 converter, you can download it on internet which discuss about tutorial How to download YouTube playlist.

2. Find a playlist and copy URL – Find the YouTube playlist you want to download or that you have created. Then copy the URL of the playlist.

3. Paste URL – Run the YouTube to MP3 Converter application you have installed and paste the URL into it using the buttons on the toolbar. Or just drag and drop the URL from the browser to this app.

4. Add all playlists – YouTube to MP3 Converter automatically detects videos as part of a playlist and usually offers two options: download videos only or the entire playlist. Click the button with the “list” icon to download all videos from the playlist. If you want to choose one then do not press the “list” icon.

5. Ready to download – Lastly, Click the button with the down arrow or download icon. then the process of downloading all videos and converting them to MP3 will start. You can also add other videos or other playlists to the download list.

Well, that is an article on how to Download All YouTube Playlist at once. I hope this tutorial can be useful, immediately do the tutorial and get your favorite video.